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Menatalla Ahmed Agha
mna [at]

MENNA AGHA is an architect and researcher, she is a 2019/2020 spatial justice fellow and was visiting assistant professor at the University of Oregon. Currently, she is coordinating a spatial justice agenda at the Flemish Architecture Institute. Menna holds a PhD from the University of Antwerp, and a MA from Köln international school of design.

She is third-generation displaced Egyptian Nubian which ushers her research interests in race, gender, space, territory.

* The little girl is Bahr, She is now 4 and we have washed her face!

This Platform is a documentation of research conducted by Menna Agha. This research project-and Menna's Research in general- focus on spatial injustice in the case of disposition, with a particular focus on gender aspects. The research aims to understand spatial issues and explained these phenomena within macro political trends anticipate changes and produce tools to influence spatial production towards a fair shared space of the marginalized and the displaced. This project aimed to contribute to knowledge on Nubian places, as well as look at subtle public stigmas, with the unwavering goal of researching local communities from within, looking critically at data offered by the state and international development organization. The Digital platform is intended to be a future hub for research and discussion about resettlement, spatial justice, and social equity. This platform is aimed at researchers as an open source as well as a platform to disseminate knowledge about Nubia to non specialist audience.

Menna will be speaking as part of projecting fellows symposium on February 2nd, find information here.

And, she is teaching a studio workshop titled Undercommoning Design as part of U Antwerps’s annual international design workshops, find more here.